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Return of the Natives

About time I got cracking on with this project after a sourjorn doing some business travel. Some interesting photies from a fish shop o 2 in San Jose to post. I’ve also cheated on the cycling by adding some dirty fish water from Mr C’s Tropheus tank.

Something Fishie?


Fishless Cycling Day 1

The experiment starts. Which takes me back a bit, as I remember well being at school when our chemistry teacher was off ill and for an obscure reason known only to himself, he’d drawn on the blackboard in bold letters:

“Please do your coursework as defined and no unofficial experiments! And that includes you Mr P!”

Much amusement in the lab when we read it. (Later that day we blew a door off with some purloined chemicals).

Be that as it may, in my dotage, we’re concerned about ammonia and its lethal impact on fish.  Day 1 of the experiment, the aquarium is full of water and I’ve added a few drops of ammonia to feed to filter. My chemistry set is more modest than in my schoolboy days:

test kit

And lo and behold, after day 1, we’re at 1 ppm ammonia:

More than enough to kill most fishes.

Cichlid Atlas Volume 2

Uwe Römer’s new book looks like a must-buy!
Römer, Uwe:    Cichlid Atlas Volume 2
ISBN: 9783882440416

 Cichlid Atlas Volume 2

From Steven Simpson Books

Zimbawe fish

Nice !Otopharynx lithobates ‘Zimbawe’

Woody Allen

That reminds me, I must buy some bogwood. But in all my enthusiasm getting this blog set up I’ve forgotten to record what my plans are and to record endeavours so far.

Initially bought a Rena 4′ tank off of eBay but decided it was a bit too tatty and resold it. The whole endeavour cost me £10 in eBay fees but I ended up with a pump, an electronic thermometer, a few bits of tubing and a sore back. I’ve now bought a new Rena from Maidenhead Aquatics at Syon at their very discounted prices and it includes lights, filter, heater, testkit and set up chems. I may well sell on the lights, more of that later.
The tank arrived Friday 23rd February and was filled with water by the bucket on 24th February. Today I began the Fishless Cycling experiment by adding a small amount or ammonia. Tomorrow I’ll test the results and add a small amount more. So here’s an online log of will it work OK. Hope it helps.

Aims are simple: a display tank centering on the needs of Dwarf Cichlids and with lots of plants as these set ups look so nice! Such are the wonders of the web I’m able to tap into the expertise of peeps like Mark Breeze of Micromania and George Farmer on Aqaua Essential’s forum. All a bit like that Wood Allen movie when Marshall McLuhan is there in the cinema queue to actually provide on the spot advice and input! If technology keeps on progressing we’ll have Babel Fish in our ears so we can chat to our mates in the tank…